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Writing about design, side projects and gaming. I can't guarantee the content will be any good 🤷🏽

Game Development with Pico-8 #03: Sprites & Animations

So far, I've drawn out the core of all the sprites I'll need for my game. This is mainly the main characters sprites and the map sprites. I'll still need to create some enemy sprites, a boss and I'm sure I'll end up making more map sprites as well, but this is a good start so far!

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Game Development with Pico-8 #02: Advanced Tutorials

Well, I lied about my next post coming after I started work on my game.. I learned about game states instead and found a tutorial resource that is super helpful. But, I'm ready to start scoping out my game now!

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Game Development with Pico-8 #01: Tutorials

I've always wanted to make a game, and now I'm starting to learn how (on a small scale) with Pico-8. It's a cool little console with built-in tools for drawing sprites and creating sound bytes.

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